Friday, July 17, 2009

My Morning Wooten

I'm irritated.
It is shocking that the National Superintendent of the Year, Atlanta’s Beverly Hall, refuses to acknowledge that subordinates cheated on the state’s Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests and commendable of Gov. Sonny Perdue to take her to task for living in denial.
There's more nuance here than Jim let's on.

But I'm irritated because he does hold a kernel of truth. Unfortunately, in our nasty business, some sow kernels in order to reap myths. A favorite harvest of those of a certain political stripe is the ripe trope of Atlanta cannot do anything right.

It is important to understand, as Jeff Dickerson noted on Sunday's Georgia Gang, that this is not copy off a fellow student's test cheating - this is indicted with a felony and trotted off to prison cheating. It has already happened in Dekalb County where two educators have resigned and were promptly charged by the D.A.

Stark contrast is fertile ground for the pundit class and Jim is a master plowman. Atlanta's rather mealy mouthed response of "the preliminary results show that cheating could not be proven on these tests" stands out against the swift action of Dekalb and other schools.

Atlanta should have said - "We are investigating but given the severe consequences there will be no rush to judgment and if foul play is discovered, those responsible will feel the full weight of punishment".

For all her faults, Mayor Millielou seems to be the only person Atlanta government willing to fling fists at the chattering bullies. The rest seem to think half-ass press releases are the only dam needed against the constant waves of anti-Atlanta hate.

And that irritates me more than Jim Wooten being half right.

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