Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Morning Wooten

The cat gets cattier as the cat approaches the end.

It’s fair enough for Presidents to hold Town Hall meetings and to pretend that he’s taking questions from something other than an infomercial audience. But it is phony, the stuff of campaign commercials. The White House press corps is right to challenge the pretense that a legitimate give-and-take represented as a news event is being held when it’s a sham.
I don't know which is more shocking.

The revelation that Presidents actually stage events in order to promote their agenda (why am I having a flashback to a fighter jet, a flight suit and a big ass banner?)


That Jim just complimented the liberal media White House press corps.


Sara said...

At least the healthcare infomercial had some substance to it, unlike Top Gun: the Musical.

TL said...

Help me out: Did Wooten write this same column when Bush did 200+ ticketed "town halls" with admittance limited to Republican activists and pre-screed audience questions?

Unknown said...

Bush didn't present his carrier landing as something other than what it was...

Pre-screening questions from supporters is different than planting them with cooperative members of the media.

The first is arguably deceptive, the second is clearly deceptive with a side of unethical thrown in. A small difference, but a difference.