Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barnes On Water

Jim Galloway has some very interesting reporting on remarks made by former Governor Roy Barnes at some real estate agent hootenanny.
The first thing we have to do is to locate every place that can store water north of Atlanta that does not have to be permitted by the Corps of Engineers.
He also has some interesting ideas on transportation.
I think that what we have to do is to elevate light rail over the interstate highways where we already have the right-of-ways. And every so many bridges, you retrofit the bridges to be stations above.
Barnes first administration was chocked full of ideas, some good, some bad. His opponents might have disagreed with him on the details but they could never accuse him of not thinking up ways to solve a fix. The fact is Sonny's election was less about competing ideas and more about portraying Barnes as a power-mad king.

Barnes entered the race by extending the velvet glove of humility, but he has not left behind his right hook of innovative thinking.


Jason said...

This is a great site that you have here. You should be proud. I have a debate site myself and I would like to exchange links with you. We have to stick together. Let me know. Jason

Ed said...

So you voting for him then? Your man crush is palpable.

griftdrift said...

Depends on who the Republicans run.

No man crush. Just want to see the Democrats put up a fight

Unknown said...

grift's man crush can't possibly be stronger than his handel crush. sorry, couldn't resist.

Dave Bearse said...

It's distressing that Barnes doesn't seem to know the difference between light and heavy rail....perhaps he misspoke.

Unknown said...

Best I can tell, that's how this water thing ends up: Somebody has to build more storage. Why don't all three states just go ahead and get started?