Friday, August 11, 2006

Before The Politics Begin

Before I let loose on the rant that has been fermenting in my mind for the past day, I thought I would comment on something of else of interest.

The World Series of Poker ended late last night and I won't bore you with my personal tale of woe involving Comcast.

There's something rotten in the state of the WSOP.

Their controls to keep players from buying in and substituting chips into later
events are almost non-existent, as are their controls concerning the players'
chips at the end of each night. There are 2.41 million chips at the
final table above the number you would expect
from 8,773 players
starting with 10,000 apiece.

Over 2 million chips represents over 2% of the chips in play. That's not bad. That's unthinkable. This needs to be publicized because this needs to be fixed. The general public already views big poker askance. It's seedy past still plays in the minds of many. If Harrah's won't step up, the name players should be bold enough to speak out.


Edward Copeland said...

Thank you for not telling me who won. Aside from my obsessions with movies and politics, I've been consumed that past couple of years with Texas Hold Em, though I still haven't ventured out to play live at a casino, though I kick Internet ass for play money.

griftdrift said...

You got to try some brick and mortar. It's a whole different game. I just can't get into online. I enjoy the human factor too much.

Anonymous said...

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