Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Unpatriotic. Appeasement. What Next?

"Can we truly afford to believe that somehow, some way, vicious extremists
can be appeased?" -Donald Rumsfeld speaking to a group of veterans.

Three years ago, if you dared disagree with this administrations strategies, you would be called unpatriotic. Now, if you dare disagree with these failed strategies, you are for appeasement. What false analogy will be used next in frantic defense of failed geo-political and military strategies? Treason?

Can someone please find me any respected voice of opposition that is for appeasement? Anyone who has stated we should negotiate with al-Qaeda? Anyone?

There is much hue and cry when the Michael Moores or Al Frankens utters some nonsense. Immediate caterwauling that no one condemns them. Condemnations all around that they are politicizing national security matters.

The difference? They are not the Secretary of Defense of the United States.

Spin it anyway you want, the bald fact is this adminstration has chosen to brand anyone with the temerity to state the President might be wrong with a "scarlet letter". Yet, those so branded are the ones labeled as un-American.

Republicans, your silence on the matter will be noted.

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