Monday, August 07, 2006

Katherine Harris: A Retrospective

I know we have a few new readers (thanks Joe!), so given the reason you were lured here, I thought you might be interested in a Katherine Harris retrospective. I know I pick on her a lot. But it's just so darned easy! Here they are from oldest to newest:

April 06

Katherine Harris Meltdown Watch
Katherine Harris Hires A New Team
Jeb Is Not Happy With Katherine Harris
Katherine Harris Yard Sale Comin' Soon!
Katherine Harris And The Pesky Process Pests
Katherine Harris Knows How To Treat The Press!
Tommy Franks In Florida?
Katherine Harris And The Higher Calling

May 06

Florida GOP Needs To Stop!
Bense Ready In Florida?
Katherine Harris To File Today
Harris And The Bushes
A Day Without Katherine...
Breaking News: Bense Won't Run
Where Did All These People Come From?
Katherine Harris and Charlie Crist

June 06

Be Still My Heart
Katherine Harris Goes To The Dogs
Katherine Harris Loses Another One
Shoeless Katherine
Quit Picking On Katy!
Katherine Harris Kool-Aid Moment
Non-Support of Katherine Harris Strange?

July 06

More Harris Staff Leaving
Katherine Harris and Joe Scarborough
Harris Speechwriter Quits In Style!
Harris and The Dropout Plan
Katherine Harris Must Have Her Starbucks!
Katherine Harris! Blogger Gold!

August 06

Florida Pols Melt In The Heat
Hits Keep Coming For Harris

Okay, so maybe I do go a bit overboard for Katherine Harrris. But she's gold I tell ya! 100% pure blog gold!

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Anonymous said...

Dude if there was any doubt that bitch is crazy check this out

Man, that is the same dingbat that put W. in the Whitehouse