Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Little Poker News

Sunday, sunday, it's such a fun day.

No politics. Just a little poker.

Remember Jamie Gold? The 12 million dollar WSOP champion? Well, he hasn't collected his money yet. A lawsuit has been filed in Clark County alledging that Gold made a verbal agreement with Bruce Leyser to split any winnings. At this point, the facts appear to support Keyser and a judge has agreed to an injunction. Meanwhile, 12 million in cold, hard cash collects dust in the Harrah's vault.

In other poker world nastiness, pro Daniel Negreanu blogs about the WPT lawsuit. He makes a valid point that the whole affair could have been handled better. By everyone. I think it really comes down to everyone understanding that they are called professional for a reason. It's how they should be acting.

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