Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's A Big Day!

I have an appointment to get a hair cut!

Oh and there's this little primary runoff in Georgia.

Once again, I will be pulling a Democrat ballot. And to those that accuse griftdrift of being a stealth Democrat, let me remind you once again why every two years in the primary I pull the big D.

I live in the 4th Georgia.

Lt. Governor: I will be voting for Jim Martin. The sad thing is I think I like Greg Hecht. I think he could be a solid campaigner and articulates some interesting ideas. I do not mind a hard fought campaign but his was over the line. I just can't press the button for him without my stomach turning.

Secretary of State: I will be voting for Darryl Hicks. It took me a long time to make up my mind here. Gail Buckner did get Scott Holcomb's endorsement and that means something. But, the fact is I have heard nothing from either campaign to change my mind since the pre-primary debate.

Georgia 4th: As the immortal Harold Melvin crooned, if you don't know me by now.... having said that, I think this will be a squeaker. Runoffs are about get out the vote and although McKinney's political machine is gasping it ain't dead yet. I'll have a report later today about activities at a couple of polling places near my house.

Of course, I will be casting an eye towards that small state in New England. And if there is a big surprise, remember, you heard the rumblings here first.

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