Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Looking To The Fall

If nothing else, I have a strong desire for cool weather. You know it's bad when a south Georgia boy thinks it's too hot. As you will shortly see, it may have made me crazy.

But fall also brings elections.

Okay, maybe the air won't be all that cool and clear.

Time to take a look at the slate in Georgia. Welcome my friends. Welcome to the split ticket. Also known as rants from a guy who can't make up his mind.

Governor: Mark Taylor (D), Sonny Perdue (R), Garrett Hayes (L). It would be easy to go with my incumbent rule. Sadly, Sonny has a few problems. Namely some rather unhealthy budgetary shenanigans in education. Perdue has a bit of that fiddling while Atlanta burns feel. Mark Taylor, I just don't like personally. Politically, I am unsure. Which means unless one of these two top ticket boys impress me, I will be voting for Garrett Hayes. I do not particuraly like where he stands on vouchers or support of the fair tax but at least I know exactly where he stands and I agree with a chunk of it. Taylor still has a chance in my book but he needs to show me something.

Lt. Governor: Jim Martin (D), Casey Cagle (R), Allen Buckley (L). I am completely undecided. A couple of hints. Casey? It would not be wise to get too cozy with the religious nuts. Jim? We already pay plenty of taxes in Georgia. Allen? I find your education plan interesting but I need a little time to think about it.

Secretary of State: Gail Buckley (D), Karen Handel (R), Kevin Madsen (L). I have never been impressed with Gail Buckley. I have been impressed with Handel. Kevin, I know nothing about you so you better get a website going. At this point, I lean to Handel, so Buckley and Madsen? Time to make yourselves known.

School Superintendant: Please just abolish this position or make it an appointment.

Ag Commissioner: Tommy Irvin (D), Gary Black (R), Jack Cashin (L). I was born in 1968. Tommy Irvin was elected Ag Commissioner in 1969. Growing up in the most agricultural county in the state, I can honestly say I have known Tommy most of my life. Jack, I like you and voted for you in 1998 but I just can't find it in my heart to vote against an old friend.

Georgia 4th: I have supported Hank Johnson from the beginning and I see no reason to change now.

So there are the initial thoughts of one, possibly crazed by heat stroke, man sitting on his porch. Two Democrats, one libertarian, one Republican, one undecided and one potential constitutional crisis.

I still believe that Georgians care less about party and more about results. It's the Janet Jackson political philosophy. What have you done for me lately?

Let the campaigning begin. Let the issues rule.

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Sara said...

Does this mean I have to actually register to vote this time around?


Anonymous said...

Straight Dem ticket here with a Libertarian here and there, most likely at Sec of Ed , though I like Allen Buckley a great deal. The rest of the way will be Democrats.