Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Poll Report

When I voted in the primary, I was the only car in the parking lot. Imagine my surprise as I pulled up to Evansdale (Chamble-Tucker area) and saw cars lining the road. It was a mirage. Inside the polling place there was only myself and one other voter. The hidden factor is Dekalb school registration begins tomorrow. All the school employees were also present.

I asked a poll worker if they had been busy. She replied, "Steady".

I also drove by Idlewood (Tucker). Same case with the cars so I make no judgment there but I did see several people going in and out indicating that there may once again be a "steady" stream.

Swinging over to Indian Creek (central Dekalb), I couldn't tell if there was activity at the polls but one thing was noticeably absent. This area was full of McKinney sign wavers during the primary. Didn't spot a one.

Now I don't know what any of these tea leaves really mean. I do think turnout in the fourth will probably be high for a runoff. I also still think it's going to be a squeaker.

UPDATE: Dignan is doing some live blogging and is currently cruising south Dekalb to see what the situation is like. There are weird rumors of harassment and intimidation from all over the district. It's like I live in Deadwood! YEEHAW!

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