Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cleland In Connecticut

This is interesting.

Former Georgia Senator Max Cleland is in Connecticut campaigning for Lieberman.

Georgia Unfiltered's Andre thinks that Lieberman is a Georgia type Democrat.

Maybe there's something to that.

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Anonymous said...

I think the mood of the country right now is trending Democratic, but it is trending towards new Dems like Obama and Lamont and away from old dems like Hillary and Lieberman. That’s just me.

Lieberman- I saw that debate they had on Hardball a few weeks ago and he just acted like a complete jerk. That’s when he let Lamont get into the race. Its hard to describe, but there just seemed to be a feeling on his part that he was entitled to the seat. That it was an outrage that lamont challenged him….and all that stuff about Lamont being far left is coming from people Like Bill O’Reilly and Morton Kondrake. He’s actually a former GOP assemblyman. I hope Lamont wins and I hope Johnson beats McKinney.