Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Little Common Courtesy

Okay I am new to this whole blog thing so maybe I am a bit off base here.

But apparently my last post titled The Contract was picked up by a libertarian "aggregator" i.e. scraper.

Normally that would be a time for joyous celebration.

Here's the problem.

The front page clip of my post gave me no attribute.

More seriously, it gave me no direct link.

I wanted to attempt to discuss this but unfortunately this site has no contact or email on the front page. So I decided to leave a comment but they are weirdly "closed".

So I am left with no choice but to bitch about it here.

Look. There is a link to my original post if you click through on the headline but the whole idea of no credit or direct link on the front page, simply scraping my site, rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I'm just being touchy here but this doesn't feel right.

I didn't link to the site because by god if they aren't going to link to me, I am not going to link directly them.

Hey, I appreciate anyone thinking my rantings should be more exposed but if you are just some lame ass scraper that won't properly attribute something?

Go away.