Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Griftdrift Is Goin' On!

Tomorrow morning, on my way back to the ATL, I'll make a stop in lovely Vidalia, Ga to visit with What Is Goin' On's Wilson Smith. Mr. Smith has graciously requested an interview. We'll be talking politics and the subjects might be far and ranging. No telling what will happen when you get two south Georgia boys together. I can guarantee one thing though. You'll hear accents you may not hear every day. I'll make every attempt to not let Wilson influence my eloqution causing me to drop back into my honey dipped, marbles in the mouth southwest Georgia accent.

UPDATE: Things I learned. It is absolutely necessary to differentiate between Vidalia and Lyons. Given the current state of the BBQ market in Vidalia, I may consider taking my heavy duty cooker down there and opening shop. I need to take a basic marketing class as I am pretty sure I mentioned Peach Pundit about a dozen times and my own blog only once. I think by the end of the interview I asserted Erick had mental powers that controlled the legislature. I'm pretty sure I came off sounding like a raving socialist on public education. I'm also pretty sure I took a shot at Gwinnett and now have to mark it on the list of counties where I am no longer welcome. Despite my usually craziness, I had a blast. Check back for a link to the podcast when it's up. Many thanks, Wilson!


possum said...

Two words of advice from a fellow Southerner: don't spit.

Sara said...


(Channelling Beavis...)

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Off topic, but I had to take that widget from MyBlogLog down on the SGR. It started getting SPAMMED. Imagine that. Why don't those SPAMMING MFers just contact us to cut a freakin' deal??? I mean, shit, I'd ADVERTISE the goddamn Iphone thingee, who wouldn't want one? If the price was right of course.

Button Gwinnett said...

Let that honey drip baby, let it drip! Throw in a magnolia or two too.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

LL: Are you refering to my drawl or to the engine in Grift's Mustang?

GD: That your pretty Mustang there? How's the back seat workin' for ya?