Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Noon Update: Still Water Buffalo

Still no sign of Eric Johnson's lie laced rant regarding Genarlow Wilson, but we got some pictures of the water buffalo!

Too many times accusations of bias fly simply because a media outlet doesn't report an item in the manner someone thinks it should, but this is ridiculous. This is a national story. Now it's a national story with a fresh local angle. Yet, it is still buried in the AJC's online edition.

Oh it's there. You can find it if you click on the Print Edition section or click on the Legislature link in the Metro section. But it is nowhere to be found on the front page or the front of the Metro. It's really too bad since Carlos Campos wrote a pretty good piece.

The local rag is being lapped while it desperately tries to staunch the wounds from a self-inflicted case of the death of a thousand cuts.


Amber Rhea said...

As of right now, AJC.com's main package stories are about Carnival, Spamalot, and the Oscars.

Word verification nails it: yckez

Pokerista said...

Word verification is always prophetic.

OK, except for maybe this time. Mine: rrntu

possum said...

You're a picky son of a bitch. The people at the AJC have to be in meetings all day. Plus, they want their web page to be a happy portal into their wonderful world of news, with a special in-depth emphasis on Anna Nicole's tits.

possum said...

Goodness. I just checked out ajc.com and saw the stories listed beneath "News Buzz." It's almost all celebrity bullshit. I was just kidding before ... but I was right! Britney's going into rehab! with that shaved head, yet!

griftdrift said...

FYI, I subscribe to all the AJC news feeds. Not a single one showed the Johnson story today. Hey AJC! When you show us all how it's done, you may want to include RSS. It's hip. It's cool. All the kids are doing it.