Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sen. Johnson Steps In The Poo-Poo

Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) was having such a wonderful session. He was named President Pro Tem of the Senate. His special needs scholarship bill looks to sail through. Then along came the case of Genarlow Wilson.

Two years ago, Wilson was sentenced to ten years in prison for having oral sex with a teenage girl. At the time Wilson was 17 and the girl was 15. A miscarriage of justice so ridiculous it even garnered the attention of ESPN. A miscarraige of justice so preposterous the usually sloth-like General Assembly quickly amended the mandatory sentencing portion in the "sex crime" law reducing Wilson's offense to a misdemeanor.

Yet, Genarlow Wilson remains in prison. A sad fact Rep. Emanuel Jones (D-Decatur) is trying to change. Jones is attempting to amend the law further to allow judges to reconsider rulings handed down under the old law.

Enter Senator Johnson. Not only did he make a floor speech filled with inaccuracies regarding the case but he was caught on tape. Then, he was publicly pantsed by CNN who took his speech apart bit by gory bit.

Want to know more?

Amy Morton has been on it since day one.

aTypical Joe has a transcript of the CNN interview.

Rusty handles the snark.

Senator Johnson took it upon himself to address the legions at Peach Pundit.

And some of the legions are not happy with the answers given.

Meanwhile over at the AJC? Well, if you search you can find a story dated 2-20-07 but it's not on the front page or even the metro section yet. They might be holding it for the morning. I certainly hope so. Because at the moment the only thing about the legislature on the front page is a story about the licensing of water buffalo. Seriously. Water buffalo.

So Julia? How's that step into the brave new world of the internet going?

8:00am UPDATE: Nope. Still water buffalo.

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