Friday, February 09, 2007

An Impressive Legislator

Yesterday in my interview with Wilson Smith, I mentioned people should not give up hope in the legislative process because there will always be courageous lawmakers. Idealistic words one could easily sweep away with a wave of post-modern cynicism. Then, you read about David Adelman (D-Decatur).

Earlier this session he showed he is one of the few true leaders is solving Atlanta's balkinazation problem.

Now, he is reintroducing his stem-cell bill that was quashed last year. The bill would simply allow people to donate excess embryos created during fertility treatment to the research facilities at the Medical College of Georgia. Without this type of system, the embryos would be discarded. Now, before the pro-life crazies jump all over me, go back and re-read three words. Would. Be. Discarded.

So the choice is very simple. Toss them in the garbage or store them where in the future they can be used to potentially cure deadly diseases. Seems an easy choice if you are one of those who claim to care so much about the sanctity of life.


Sara said...

Prediction: this bill results in the proposal (and probable passage) of a competing bill that would ban the practice of destroying unwanted embryos.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

I'm contacting his office now to let him know I (and other bloggers) will be glad to blog about and suuport his bill. I STILL hate that when I gave birth, they had no program at Piedmont Hosp. for umbilical cord/cell preservation. They just showed me the icky thing, then tossed it out after my inquiry into the matter.

That was '00, and there actually might be a program now to preseve those kinda cells, although I hear they're not as critical for research, of Alzheimer's for instance, as stem cells. Still... it's heartbreaking to think of such precious "matter" being thrown out instead of being used to further the scientific process.

Think I'll call it Extreme Recycling!