Monday, February 26, 2007

More On The Pike County Abuse Case

When I originally heard about the case of animal abuse in Pike County, I said I would keep an open mind until the details were clear.

Well, the details are now clear. Based on the information I have received both in person and on this blog, there is no doubt in my mind the abuse was real and very disturbing. Stories of dogs becoming feral, stalking other livestock will wake you up quick.

Fortunately the animals have been confiscated and impounded. Unfortunately, the Georgia Equine Impound Program receives no state funds and relies on volunteers. With nearly 200 ill horses, the resources of the system are nearly overwhelmed.

Those tending the animals need both donations and volunteers.
If you would like to provide monetary help, please contact.

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Office of Equine Health, Room 143
19 MLK Jr., Drive
Atlanta, GA 30334

If you would like to volunteer your strong back and kind heart, please visit the Georgia Equine Rescue League site for details.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Did you see item #4 on the Pike County Horses Volunteer Statement? What's a service-minded blogger to do?

griftdrift said...

Give money?

I'm sure that's to make sure people are properly vetted. There are probably some things going on their (euthanasia maybe?) that radicals might try to exploit.

griftdrift said...

Actually, now that I read that again I think that's probably because of the impending criminal matter.

Anonymous said...

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