Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sen. Johnson on Boortz

Political Insider has the audio of Senator Johnson on Neal Boortz this morning.

Practically the first thing out of his mouth is the implication the jury convicted Wilson on the act with the 17 year old. Later he goes beyond implication and specifically says Wilson is not in jail for the act with the 15 year old but for the act with the 17 year old.
Boortz: So you're saying Genarlow Wilson is in jail because of the passed out 17 year old.

Johnson: Yes, yes, if Genarlow Wilson had simply had the oral sex with the 15 year old, we would probably not be dealing with this.
Sen. Johnson? What will it take to make you stop lying?


Amy Morton said...

He is relying on people not being willing to do the research to question his assertions. It's the whole truthiness thing. MOST of the time politicians get by with this crap. Good for you, holding his feet to the fire.

Amber Rhea said...

"Had the oral sex"?

griftdrift said...

Thank goodness they weren't watching teh pron