Monday, February 12, 2007

Hawaiian Hookers

To celebrate my subscribing to the excellent newsfeed (thanks Randy for the tip), I present to you the enlightened folks of the Oahu State.

Hawaii's legislature is discussing legalizing prostitution. It's believed the bill has no chance of passage but it presents an opportunity to discuss a long ignored problem. Now, here in Georgia we can't even buy beer on Sunday so I have no hope we will have this discussion any time soon. But maybe us sinners might soon get opportunity to satisfy our gambling jones without driving 400 miles.

In a perfect example of the law of unintended consequences, the above picture of the spike heel appeared in an ad for shoes in the story's sidebar.


Pokerista said...

Why don't we have any Indian casinos in GA? I mean if they had enough of a presence to build 2 casinos in Connecticut, you'd think Georgia would have at least one casino.

Considering how pervasive gambling is becoming thanks to Indian casinos, peri-mutuel betting and the Internets, trying to keep it out of the state is just a waste of time. Might as well cash in.

griftdrift said...

Because believe it or not, Georgia has no reservations. We ran all the Native Americans out in the shameful Trail of Tears period. And no tribe have claimed an area as "tribal land" so they can build one as has been done in other states.

Pokerista said...

I figured it had something to do with runnin' them out, but all it takes is a handful who stayed. They should get to claimin'! If Connecticut could cobble together enough for not one but two tribes with casinos, Georgia has to have enough interspersed throughout the state.