Friday, February 08, 2008

At The APC

One thing I learned last night is it's harder to remember things when you are a participant rather than an observer. But I know it was recorded and also a certain Creative Loafing scribe was there so when those doo-dads are up I'll link to them.

A couple of things though.

A hint to future moderators. If your first question is going to be how many hits your site gets, make sure the local blogs don't have to follow the guy.

One thing the panel agreed as a whole was the speed in which the political world and the electronic world is converging is astonishing. Even to those of us immersed in it every day. When Shelby began describing some experiences on the Biden campaign there were audible gasps from the audience.

Overall I had a hoot and I really appreciate the APC for asking me to participate.

UPDATE: You can see your humble scribe and read one brief summary here.


Unknown said...

That dude from Creative Loafing is only gonna spout predictable white(-ish), male, cisgendered boilerplate.

He can't be trusted!

He must be eliminated!

Or something like that.

Pokerista said...

You left out that you've never been a sex worker.


Unknown said...

Years ago I helped someone move house with the hope of getting some loving -- does that count as sex work?

Anyway, who cares because you don't understand me. You refuse to listen to me. You're not HEARING me. HATE HATE HATE. Sometimes I don't know why I bother with all this negativity.

Time for my erotic knitting class. Toodles!

griftdrift said...

I'm going to have to call that a bit of a low blow, Andy.

Here's the deal.

I defended the article because I felt Rusty and Amber were wrong. But I never made it personal.

I like everyone in this fight. For that very selfish reason I wish there was a way to fix this but it's obviously ripped.

So here's the deal. I won't delete anyone's comments. It's not my way and everyone here is an adult and can defend themselves.

But I would personally appreciate everyone taking it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

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