Sunday, February 03, 2008

Georgia Gang Howler Of The Week

You knew it was coming. Dunwoody media mogul Dick Williams was just a tad but upset about Rep. Jill Chambers committee vote to nix the City of Dunwoody bill.
She lives in Dunwoody - or maybe that should be past tense - she lived in Dunwoody.
So, the good people of north Dekalb are going take one of the few Republicans who has avoided the taint of the last two years of craziness under the Gold Dome and run her out on a rail because she didn't want to create a city that even many residents don't think should be birthed? I'm willing to take book on that bet.


Anonymous said...

While its true that Jill lives in what would be "Dunwoody", only a tiny sliver of her district (primarily her precinct) qualifies. The rest of the district is the cities of Doraville and Chamblee (which can't be incorporated into Dunwoody) and unincorporated DeKalb down near Brookhaven, which also wouldn't be part of the new city.

I suspect Dick's broadside against Jill is more aimed at a potential Republican primary run to succeed Dan Weber in the Senate, if he steps down. Dick and his Dunwoody allies want a "Dunwoody" Republican in that seat, and because of this vote and other reasons, Jill doesn't qualify.

griftdrift said...

Why would Weber step down? I'd really hate to see that.