Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waterboarding Reporters

I promise to get back to Georgia real soon.

So you think you know what happens during waterboarding? So did a reporter from Creative Loafing Tampa until he first witnessed it then experienced it.
For over a minute, Ruppert has a gallon of water poured over his face. He struggles slightly, but seems calm considering. Suddenly he shoots up and jumps off the bench, gagging and spitting. He takes a few moments to catch his breath before the TV cameras descend...(At this point I'm starting to question my decision)
Read the full article to see what happened next.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that sounds scary as hell.

But I still have a hard time making up my mind what I think about waterboarding.

When I think about being tortured -- I do that from time to time, given certain career interests -- what horrifies me is things like having my fingernails and teeth ripped out, and having various pointy things jammed into my softer bits. Eyeballs, yuck.

But waterboarding? It seems to be, with the right medical attention on hand and care in administration, a fairly non-permanent thing, as far as damage goes. Sure, you can probably whip up some nice PTSD from it, but I imagine if you're being detained and interrogated about terrorism, you're in for some PTSD no matter what.

I obviously don't think we should be waterboarding everyone who acts funny at an airport security checkpoint or whose name shows up on some shitty list that is rife with mis-transliterations. But in they extremely rare and hypothetical situation of time-sensitive and life-threatening information, least we aren't ripping anyone's fingernails out.

I dunno. Glad it's not my job.