Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday: Random Thoughts

Random thoughts from a crazy night

-Democrats know how to party. I'm still waiting for some invitations from the Republicans. The longer y'all keep me out the more I will be convinced your hootenannies involve candles, paddles and cries of "thank you sir may I have another".

-Amsterdam Walk has some seriously messed up parking areas. One lot was completely isolated and practically unlit. Given some recent criminal activity in that area someone might want to look into improvements.

-Wow. It was a word heard over and over last night. Everyone predicted an Obama win in Georgia but no one predicted the avalanche of a 2 to 1 victory. Also as the demographic numbers emerged many were in a stunned daze. Obama won everywhere among everybody. Except for the blue hairs. Clinton took the over 60 set.

-When will the Frank Capra movie end? Mike Huckabee has no money, no support staff and many thought no chance. He still has no chance as last night McCain surged to a huge delegate lead but winning Georgia in fairly stunning fashion will keep Mr. Chips alive for a while.

-Congratulations Georgia. We were first and we were the story. Obama's stunning numbers and Huckabee's nail-biter kept our state in prominence all the way to the close of the California polls. Campaigns might want to consider that in the future.

-Finally, last night it occurred to me that I voted for the winner in a Georgia Presidential Primary for the first time ever. EVER. Voting for the winner feels pretty good.


Amber Rhea said...

Given some recent criminal activity in that area someone might want to look into improvements.

Yeah, like that crazy fuck driving around in his van with a video camera!

Pokerista said...

I think he's referring to the four women who were placed into choke holds until unconscious and then sexually assaulted by an unidentified assailant while walking in the Amsterdam Walk parking lot last weekend.

I was a little freaked out about it myself after parking in the dimly lit and remote lot and walking to the bar by myself.

Don Thieme said...

You voted for the Huckle buck? ?