Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Georgia Makes The Innocence Project Blog

The Innocence Project Blog is a daily read. It's the outlet for news on the Innocence Project - the organization which uses DNA testing to free those wrongly convicted.

They recently took interest in HB997. The bill attempts to provide stricter guidelines in the use of eyewitness evidence in a criminal case.

It is a noble bill as the recent case of Troy Anthony Davis revealed serious issues with eyewitness recollection.

Still some oppose.
[Terry Norris, executive vice president of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association] told Committee Members that while the resolution is not legally binding, he still feels the State is dictating to law enforcement what to do.
Mr. Norris. That's their job. It's why they are called lawmakers and you are called law enforcers.

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Jessie Cohn said...

Thank you for posting a blog on this important legislation. For more information on the Troy Davis case, please visit

~Jessie Cohn, Amnesty International