Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Georgia Reactions To The Obama Speech

Tom Baxter:

When W.E.B. Dubois introduced the concept of double consciousness, on the eve of the 20th Century, he was talking about the dilemma of African-Americans in his own time, of “measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.”


Furthermore, misguided is the outside observer who assumes a pastor to be wholly representative of any individual member of that pastor’s congregation. From my own history, I can cite several examples of ministers who successfully led my home church while simultaneously maintaining opinions contrary not only to my own, but to several others in our congregation.


There’s a lot of Old South in my blood, which often is simultaneously a point of pride and shame. Just as it’s not adequate to condemn the South as racist and backwards without trying to tell the rest of the story, I also feel that way about my grandfather. There was a lot more good in him than there was bad. A lot more.


One can disagree with some of Obama's policy prescriptions in a perfect legitimate manner, but to deny the reality of what he was talking about is to plug your fingers in your ears, cover your eyes and pretend that America is something else. The truth is, it isn't.


My sister is my political barometer. She's a SC democrat, but she doesn't drink quite as much Koolaide as I do. So, I listen to her, in part, to figure out how "normal" people are reacting to whatever is going on in the political world. She supported Edwards and now supports Obama, but last week, on one of my particularly busy days, she called me and said, "You better tell Obama to 'do something' about that pastor because I've got to tell you, I can't vote for him if that's who's going to be advising him when he's sitting in the Oval office, making decisions about war and peace."

My own shortly.


Amy Morton said...

But, after my sister heard the speech, she called to say that if anyone had concerns, Obama just answered them. "He will," she said, "be our next president."

griftdrift said...

I couldn't copy and paste your whole thing Amy. ;-)

But I just realized how out of context my snip was. Sorry about that.