Friday, March 14, 2008

My Morning Wooten

I'm only going to gnaw on one bone today.
The Georgia Senate passed a resolution to name the I-95/I-16 interchange near Savannah in honor of Justice Clarence Thomas. Insufficient. Name the state’s judicial building for him. Or Thomas County.
Here's a conservative idea.

How about we don't rename anything that already has a name.

How about we don't waste the taxpayer's money buying lovely little green signs displaying a person's name to add to the lovely red, white and blue signs which seem to adequately direct people around the outskirts of Savannah.

How about we leave the simple, sublime word "Justice" on the facade of our highest court alone instead of adding some bronze plaque, new carving or whatever godawful doo-dad our noticeably taste challenged legislature would design.

How about we leave a name which has served a county well for the past 183 years be. How about we avoid the financial and administrative nightmare of changing every sign, document, letterhead, envelope and poobah's nameplate in said county.

How about we conserve a little of the taxpayer's well earned money instead of spending it on some ill-conceived flight of ego. How about that, Jim?


Anonymous said...

He shoots! He scores! Great post!

Loren said...

You missed one that I think should apply to every suggestion to name something after a political figure:

How about we don't name anything after an officeholder while he's still in office?

I'm actually rather fond of Justice Thomas, but you think the Georgia legislature would have learned its lesson after the James E. "Billy" McKinney Highway and Cynthia McKinney Parkway.