Friday, March 28, 2008

The Power Of Social Media

Our own Amber in Wired's story of how the media covered the Spitzer mess:
Lots of people were at South by Southwest [when the Spitzer story broke] and didn't have time to check e-mail every five minutes," says Amber Rhea, organizer of the upcoming Sex 2.0 conference in Atlanta. "It didn't matter. They used Twitter, text messaging -- they did interviews with hardly any advance notice.

Was it really only a year ago I resisted joining Twitter because I thought it was useless?


Anonymous said...

Indeed. I think badmouthing Twitter was the third data point that let Rusty establish a trend in my observations when he said at a Manuel's get-together, "That's one way to know something is about to go huge, when Shelby starts badmouthing how stupid it is." Or maybe it was 2nd and 3rd was the iPhone. When did Steve Garfield visit our humble bar again?

I hope that recollection is correct, anyway, but I'm *sure* there was no sniper fire.

Amber Rhea said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Regina says the piece was heavily edited, and she's goign to blog the original, but I think it turned out great. And yeah, I used to bad-mouth Twitter too. I also used to bad-mouth Flickr, podcasting, and in the distant past, blogging. I am eating all my words and mmm mmm do they taste good!