Monday, March 17, 2008

Media Garbage

Would you like to know how many times I've been asked in the past year how my stories are approved/checked/vetted/edited?

Probably not.

Kristol, the so called brain of Quayle, in his regular New York Times column quoted the right wing rag Newsmax on Obama alledgedly attending the infamous July 22 sermon of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Only problem is on that day Obama was about 1200 miles outside of Chicago attending an event in the tiny media black hole called Miami.

You would think a writer of the "esteem" of Bill Kristol wouldn't make an error which would result in the quick guillotining of any first year staff writer. You would think the so-called mainstream media would slowly roll their dinosaur carcasses over to witness their own doom.

Probably not.

CNN has Glen Beck, Fox has Sean Hannity and the Old Gray Lady has Bill Kristol - "commentators" who continue to use such paragons of the truth as WorldNetDaily and NewsMax.

Somehow, Kristol's "fatal" error made it completely through those much touted editorial processes of the world's premier news outlet yet new media citizen journalists or whatever the hell you want to call us on this day still have to answer questions about our credibility.

Here in Atlanta, we have a journalist on a radio station where her journalism consists of 2 minute break-ins sandwiched between the latest mind-numbing dentist's office music who flatly states she would never trust anything a blogger writes.

So here's the deal. Ask your questions but there will be no more answers. Instead you must first answer my question - have you ever read my blog? Until this is answered to my satisfaction, you will receive the same amount of respect from me that you obviously have for me.


Sara said...

I've seen several suggestions that Kristol's screwup was a huge favor to Obama, because now he can denounce the entire story as a right wing fabrication based upon the factual error rather than having to address whether he ever sat through sermons that contained the Wright invective most would object to. I don't think it was deliberate, but when those on the right wing get caught looking foolish, they do us all a favor by making it easy target practice to point out their shoddy work.

MTHEORY said...

"...journalist on a radio station..."


Oh, you kill me!