Thursday, March 20, 2008


Far be it from me to talk about weird internet handles, but Mayor Franklin is Millielou?
Millielou is the nome de Internet of Mayor Shirley Franklin. Her latest message opened with a paragraph that smacked of weariness — followed by a torrent of frustration and familial outrage.
Mayor Millielou goes on to tear Creative Loafing a new one over coverage of her daughter's recent plea deal with the Feds. Personally, there have been times when CL's rhetoric made me wince. The alternative weekly's response should be interesting.

UPDATE: I just wanted to add that the lead in that entry is one of the best I've seen in a long time.
Every now and again, we receive an e-mail from Millielou, who is short, wears a huge blossom on her chest, and runs the city of Atlanta.

Don't know if that was Bob or Jim but that's a good one boys.


Pokerista said...

The mayor admits she blogs for stress relief. The hunt thus begins for the anonymous Shirley Franklin blog...who will find it first?

Jen said...

I love that her blog name is Millielou.

Unknown said...

I suspect by saying "I blog" she means she trolls and comments. I could be wrong (usually am).

Pokerista said...

There are a surprising number of people using millielou as a blog name on the internets.

Anonymous said...

The comments I saw posted on CL yesterday were attributed to "shirley."

The best part was that less than 24 hours after CL's post about intentionally misleading headlines, she essentially took them to task for the same thing.

Unknown said...

What about CL's coverage involving Mayor Franklin has made you cringe?

(note to readers of this blog who may not know, I'm a senior writer at CL).

Anonymous said...

I bet it somehow involved Tyler Perry.

griftdrift said...

Andi, I don't remember specifics and I know that's lame. Maybe I'll do some googling. But you have to admit your paper has been on Millielou's ass pretty constant.

Maybe I'm just too tenderhearted.

Unknown said...

CL Senior Editor Scott Freeman posted a response to Millielou on our Fresh Loaf blog:

As for CL being on the Mayor constantly -- CL has certainly scrutinized her administration more than the AJC has, but that's not saying much.

The AJC pays so little attention to city government, it didn't even publish city council endorsements in 2005.

This is not a slam of Political Insider, because I enjoy it immensely -- but if P.I. covered the city with the same verve and skill with which it tackles state politics, Franklin would be calling them names, too.

Incidentally, CL endorsed Franklin in 2005.

We touted her management and the overall improvement of city government during her first term.