Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Morning Wooten

Do what?
Public officials like Spitzer who cultivate a particular political image — whether that is as a change agent or a holier-than-thou crusader — fall quickly when their personal conduct fails to measure up. For Barack Obama, the stakes just went up in the Chicago trial of Tony Rezko, who is accused of bribing public officials and taking kickbacks. Obama has donated some $150,000 to charity, the allegedly illegal campaign contributions Rezko directed to his 2004 Senate campaign.
So in Jim-land, a disgraced politician caught performing some personal economic stimulus indicates potential problems for a candidate he doesn't even support? The whine you hear is the vibrating tenuousness of the through-line in Wooten's tortured logic.

What is it about the fellating of politicians which causes Republicans to read the bones as doom until the end of days for Democrats?

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