Friday, March 21, 2008

My Morning Wooten

Let's go.
State Rep. Ron Sailor Jr. (D-Decatur) has the second-best excuse ever for missing 91 percent of recorded votes in this year’s legislative session. First best: “I was dead.” Second best: “I was engaged in a federal effort to catch other corrupt officials.”

Even I have to admit that's pretty funny.
How does a conservative or Republican know he/she is on the wrong track? The wrong people love what you’re doing... “This is something good, something we’ve been advocating.” NCLB is toast anyway if Democrats control Congress and the White House next year.
Which judging by the opinions of most education professionals and the tepid response of even, gasp, Republicans at this year's State of the Union is a good thing.
Actress Halle Berry and male model Gabriel Aubry have a daughter, her first child. The two don’t plan to marry, but she wants you to know that they feel fully committed to each other. Semi-fully, anyway. Playing a mother in her latest movie helped convince her to be one.
Ah, the essence of the "conservative" dichotomy - Hollywood is irrelevant to mainstream America except when conservatives choose to believe the actions of a few prima donnas might cause the pure hearts in NormanRockwellLand to strip clothes and make like hedonists on mushrooms.
Headline: “Migrants fear changes in Georgia.” Would that be legal immigrants or illegal? —- ‘cause they’re different.
Copy editor Jim is back! It's migrants because that is what they are. Is it possible an editor at the AJC doesn't have a Webster's on his shelf?
Relocating the Georgia Department of Corrections to the old Tift College campus on I-75 in Forsyth is a smart move... A state department could save or grow lots of cities. No need, really, for them to be here.
Everybody grab hold of something. I agree.
DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones picked up serious primary opposition this week: former state Rep. Jim Martin of Atlanta. Good guy, but he starts off sounding just like national Democrats: “I believe we should respect our troops by using them more effectively and taking better care of them when they come home.” Democrats have decided a version of that line is the safe way to frame their opposition on Iraq.
Perhaps Democrats have consulted that most revered of political oracles - national opinion. Probably a smart move since somewhere north of 70% agree with the position. I'm convinced the other 30% occupy a ranch in Crawfordville and a particular office in the AJC building.



Sara said...

When I read it this morning I just knew we'd be getting a My Morning Wooten on this one.

The Halle Berry thing is particularly strange.

Amber Rhea said...

Speaking of stuff along the lines of the Halle Berry reference, you might enjoy this from just south of the border. How I would've loved to have witnessed that.

Anonymous said...

NCLB is the worst thing I have seen in 14 years of teaching.

Anonymous said...

I occasionally agree with Wooten, too, but not on the "move a state government department out of Atlanta" nonsense. This dog of an idea rears its head from time to time, as a "solution" to Atlanta traffic woes. But it's a terrible idea: the problem is not too many offices in Downtown Atlanta. Downtown, after all, is one of the few places one can get to (from many different directions) without a car. Moving those offices to Forsyth on I-75, or Macon, or wherever, insures that everyone would have to drive there. Downtown Atlanta is one of the few places which could handle a lot more people, especially with a commuter rail network