Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gonzo Election Night

Unfiltered, straight from your scribe's notebook.

*Manuels parking lot is full at 5:00

*Manuels is total chaos

*It feels like the Super Bowl in here

*Bartender friend says the are "making bank"

*John Sugg sighting

*Jay Bookman sighting

*Off to the Hyatt

*The cab driver is very excited

*The last time I heard this many cars honking on Peachtree was when the Braves won the World Series

*Red Clay has the best spread. Young Dems suite looks like a dorm room

*Turn around, you're on TV!

*Now the DJ is playing Bobby McFerrin. WTF?

*I just got picked up and shook like a rag doll by a man and I'm not a small guy

*Jesus God! What time do I have to wake up in the morning?

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