Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Leper Colony - Georgia Subsection

Since I'm not a Republican, I'm not sure I count.

But, now that Erick and his merry band of witch burners are casting out any who dare question the mythology of the Palin, I offer safe haven to those who are "unclean".

The "new conservative" reasoning - if someone tells you a choice will bring disastrous results, when disaster happens, blame those who told you disaster would occur instead of yourself.

That's your party of personal accountability.


Unknown said...

Hm...I missed the part where Schmidt and Wallace advised that selecting Palin was a bad idea.

That would indicate they all took orders (to select Palin) from outside the campaign, via the same players who re-staffed McCain's campaign in the first place.

Talk about "going down with the ship".

Nikki said...

Wow. That's a super crazy thing to do. Operation Leper? Really? Well, I guess you'll be OK company, seeing as Jesus loved the lepers.