Friday, November 07, 2008

The Red State Of Godwin

Godwin's Law: As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

Diarist alexmiller at RedState today:
But the wall of money about to descend on GA is going to be unbelievable. Jim Martin, (who looks a little like Hitler), has already purchased one million dollars worth of ad time and is up on the air right now. [italics mine]
Make no mistake, RedState has never claimed to elevate the conversation, but the crazier they become the more the conversation will leave them in the dust of history.

UPDATE: To his credit, Erick Erickson has edited out the Hitler comment and this was a diary. It never appeared on the front page of RedState.


Fearless Leader said...

I've been noticing a rising tide of Godwinism from the right, though this haircut comment is perhaps a newer and weaker level of immaturity.

Sara said...

It's kind of scary to think the only thing that was keeping the RedState folks from coming completely unhinged was the Republicans controlling the presidency. But now that they've lost it all, there is no reason for restraint. It's kind of terrifying.

Unknown said...

Why are you worried that a bunch of people wih absolutely no authority are mouthing off?

Should I be scared that the party of the nutbags at Democratic Underground and Daily Kos now control all three branches?

Unknown said...

I can't recall seeing a post on a conservative blog where a conservative brought out the "your a Nazi" comment against a liberal.

Post as a conservative and see how long it takes on Democratic Underground or Kos.

Calling someone a Nazi or Facist pretty much belongs to liberals, just as the Communist and Socialist epithet belongs to conservatives.

Sara said...

I don't read Democratic Underground or DailyKos, so I wouldn't know if such things happen there. Extremists on both sides scare me.

Fearless Leader said...

Dalec ... a simple Google search rakes in at least two or three Conservative blogs who are more than happy to cite a book by one Dr. Ali Sina entitled Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer. I'm not linking them here because Grift has a very nice place and I don't want to track mud everywhere.

And really, the Godwin-fest started months ago -- for instance, on >Fox News Radio (February 2008). -- but more talking heads are getting in on the fun post-Election.

Rusty said...

Stupidity spans all ideologies, as does Godwining.

And I've heard several of my liberal friends call John McCain a socialist after he went for the bailout package.

griftdrift said...

Look. This is not about who can out-Godwin the other. Democrats certainly are guilty of using smears against Republicans. I think I've done a pretty good job of calling them out about it as well.

This is really about the critical choices the Republicans will have to make in the upcoming months. Do they succumb to the temptation of their baser instincts or do they find a reasonable temperance which appeals to many. It is my belief that if they choose the first as exemplified by this diarist they will be doomed.

To his credit, Erick recognized this was over the line and edited it out.

Having said that people are picking sides and Erick seems to have picked his.

Although I give him credit in this instance, it won't stop me from continuing to criticize his side in the war. Believe it or not, I believe that is the right thing to do for his party.