Monday, November 03, 2008

The Griftdrift Voter Guide

A quick checklist for independents, moderates, snarkmeisters and those that just want to give somebody the finger.

Amendment 1 - No
Amendment 2 - Flip a coin
Amendment 3 - Yes

House 80 - Jacobs
House 81 - Huttman

PSC District 4 - Powell
Court of Appeals - McFadden or Meyer von Bremen

8th Congressional District - Marshall

U.S. Senate - Buckley

U.S. President - Obama

God save the Republic!


rptrcub said...

Giving the finger is the best reason to vote.

MTHEORY said...

That Precinct 13 photo is one of my absolute favorite political images ever. Jim Wells County, Texas, 1948, where Lyndon Johnson became "Landslide Lyndon" after 227 voters cast their ballots for him. In alphabetical order. In that box right there. Amazing.

Don Thieme said...

I agree with most of this except for Amendment 3. This amendment will protect big corporate developers from local oversight. Homeowners and renters will wind up paying additional "taxes" to private corporations which are under no obligation to provide them with public services. It is no coincidence that these corporations are big contributors to the warchests of incumbent state officials.