Friday, November 21, 2008

Jason Pye Interviews Karen Handel

As we all learned this election cycle, voting law is byzantine, strange and hardly comprehensible. It's also arguably the most important code in the book.

The face of election law in Georgia is Secretary of State Karen Handel. With the whirlwind of early voting and a PSC race causing a near Constitutional crisis, the Secretary's office finds itself receiving attention usually reserved for Governors and such.

If Secretary Handel decides to throw her hat into the Governor's race, 2008 might be simply the entr' acte of a much bigger play.

As we pause before potentially larger storms, all should take the time to get to know the office and the current office holder.

In a half hour interview with Jason Pye, Handel reveals her thoughts on the Powell case, early voting and even budget issues - all issues on the daily plate of an agency head but also indicators of how a person would handle a job a few rungs up the ladder.

Listen here.

(Editor's note: This was written before your scribe heard the shout out from Madame Secretary)

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Blackjackk said...

Glad to hear that she says she is not playing politics and is pleased with the early voting turnout. We'll see what the legislature actually does.

Of course she gave you a shout out, you kissed her ass enough during the Powell brouhaha. Heh.