Friday, November 14, 2008

The Party Of Not Good Enough

Twice, since I wrote a piece advocating a pro-gun, pro-business, pro-property rights stance, I've been called a leftist or near enough to count.

From the natural extension of President Bush's "fer us or agin us" to Rush Limbaugh's "we want moderates to vote with us, but they'll never be accepted", there are elements in the Republican Party who believe that if you don't toe every line you simply are not good enough.

Democrats certainly grouse about their Jim Marshalls, but outside of Joe Lieberman being skewered by the netroots, their party is never so quick to roll out the scarlet letters.

I've been called a liberal before and I'm sure I will be again - sometimes with humor, sometimes with venom. There are certainly differing levels of silliness in all politics, but what is far from silly is the belief of Republicans that all political discussions are all or nothing affairs.

As every gambler knows, if your only strategy is all or nothing, eventually you go bust.


AcridSheep said...

Well said James. Though, I don't know how pro-gun, pro-business and pro-property rights qualifies anyone as a leftist.

More like Ted Nugent.

Unknown said...

Acridsheep - voting for Obama and listing him in your voter guide, along with routinely slamming the "conservative" column on the AJC Op-Ed while leaving the killing field on the other side pretty much undisturbed helps nudge a person to the cionclusion that you are left of center.

I was one of the people who said Grift was Left, without being aware of his long past as a non-Left person. :-)