Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Radicalization Will Be Blogged

And it will begin in Georgia.

Listen to radio troll Glenn Beck and our own Erick speak of certain Republicans wishing McCain had been elected, then have age take its inevitable toll so their wet dream of President Palin would be fulfilled.

The soul searching has begun and as predicted Sarah Palin is a standard bearer in this philosophical war.

Radicalization or reason - what say you Republicans?


Anonymous said...

Between Eric Cantor and Sarah "oops I fogot to wear clothes to the meeting " Palin the GOP is bucking to be a minority party for awhile. I welcome the choice, makes my job a whole lot easier.

I grew up in a moderate Republican household, and although went to the Dems early on, the choice of those two as leaders is very bad news for anyone who is still moderate.

Our tent is pretty big and we've got lots of room on the right side of it with Jim Marshall and Patrick Murphy, anyone who wants to drop in will be welcomed.


Rusty said...

I like how a commenter on Creative Loafing said it:

The only thing better than watching these guys lose, is watching them plan their loss for 2012.

I told Buzz way back in September he hitched his train to a dud and he didn't believe me.

Unknown said...

I am not a Republican, but I have a lot of Republican friends. I have not heard one person express the wish that McCain die in office. This sounds like nutter yacking off at the mouth to me.