Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog Stories 2008: #8 - Troy Davis

It is terrifying to me to think that my state might kill an innocent man in error based upon legal technicalities. If it is terrifying to you too, there is not much that we can do to stop it. Except maybe to pray. ~Sara of Going Through The Motions

Outstanding ~Rogue109 of Peach Pundit on the Supreme Court's decision to allow Troy Davis execution to proceed

Capital Punishment inhabits the rare place where passion's flames consume reason. However, it takes an unusual case to spread those flames beyond the borders of the political. It takes the impending death of a possibly innocent man.

According to a Savannah jury, nearly 20 years ago, Troy Anthony Davis brutally murdered a police officer. Seventeen years after his conviction, 7 of the 9 witnesses whose testimony led directly to the verdict say they may not have been completely truthful.

The questions in the case have led such divergent voices as a former FBI director and the Bishop of Rome to beg for pause.

In Georgia, the usual political warriors either pled for mercy or demanded blood. It also touched places that normally discuss recipes, UGA football and teenage vampires.

Finality now approaches. Davis' probable last hearing occured yesterday.

One day lives will continue and routines will return, but there is little doubt that those who inhabit the raging land and those who only briefly touched its scorching earth will forget the strange, possibly tragic path of Troy Anthony Davis.

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Rusty said...

Even trying to play devil's advocate, I can't come up with a logical defense of executing Troy Davis without a reconsideration of the evidence.

Regarding Rogue, I guess if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?

Nah, fuck that, he's a fucking troll. Probably the biggest reason I don't read Peach Pundit anymore. Though Erick with his Gay Reich bullshit and his Blacklist bullshit and other assorted bullshit ranks up there.

Unknown said...

Dang! If Troy Davis is #8 - can't wait to see the remaining 7.

Many things disgust me but nothing more than the comments and writings from people who support the execution of Mr Davis. In general, I am of the "most people are good" school, but the Troy Davis story has given me pause.

I just want to take this opportunity to commend Sara at Going thru the Motions for her incredible commentary on this story. I was very moved on more than one occasion by her writing. Thank you, Sara.

Sara said...

Thanks Catherine. I really appreciate that.

Jen. CHICKTASTIC! said...

This is an issue who touched many of us who aren't part of the "Atlanta Blogospere" so to speak.

I think this story is proof that human compassion does exist even in the face of the kinds of times that say it doesn't. On the flip side, it's also proof that sometimes people are so blinded by a quest for "justice" that it doesn't matter to them who pays the price, as long as someone does.

I love UGA football, and yes even teenaged vampires, but at the same time I think all of us can look at Troy Anthony Davis and know this could be me, my brother, my friend - and refute the kind of justice this man has been given.

Innocent or guilty he deserves an opportunity to present the evidence that seems to exonorate him, and in the interest of all things that are supposed to be good and right about this country we owe him that.

Thanks for the shout out... didn't realize you were reading.

Unknown said...

I support capital punishment.

I can't support executing Mr Davis.