Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blog Stories 2008: #9 - The Banana Republics

If one does something which hasn't been done in 40 years, either Guiness should be called or the bodies should be hidden as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately for the children of Clayton County, the local school board had neither the competence to locate a phone book nor the basic Machiavellian instincts to cover their posteriors.

On August 28th, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools pulled the accreditation of the entire Clayton County school system. The last time the organization took such action was 1969.

With the stroke of a pen, young men and women's college applications were relegated to limbo, the usual recriminations were fired, the board chose to make things worse by potentially violating open meetings law and finally it got so hooptie, the Governor had to step in and run four sitting members the hell out of Dodge.

Incompentence with a generous slathering of schadenfreude is like ambrosia to bloggers. The Clayton County shenanigans seemed to spew so much sweetness that all should have been sated.

Then along came Lithonia.

In just one city council meeting, the Mayor fired the police chief, the council re-hired the police chief and locked the Mayor out of the building. The Mayor managed to unlock City Hall only to have the council boot her out again and call a locksmith toot sweet.

It took Clayton County years to embrace the crazy. In a single instant, Lithonia ran into its arms seeking a big bear hug.

On November 4th, the citizens of Lithonia exercised the ultimate lock by booting their Mayor out of office. On December 3, former Mayor McKibben was arrested after a confrontation at a city housing project. She claims they are still out to get her.

Doraville must be jealous. They made the top ten last year and all they did was fire their Iraqi war veteran Chief Of Police.

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