Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top Ten Blog Stories 2008: The Recap

The top ten:

1. The Senate Race
2. The Presidential Campaign
3. #atlgas
4. Powell vs Handel
5. The Rise of the Hyperlocal
6. Ethics In Blogging
7. House District 80
8. Troy Davis
9. The Banana Republics
10. The Firing of Ken Edelstein

If you make lists, you will leave something out. And I left out a big one.

As Rusty pointed out, the tornado was one of the biggest new media stories of the year. There were real time reports on twitter, location photos on flickr and video from Shelby, Spacey and the ever present Amani. The storm was a tragedy to be sure, but it was also the biggest mashup of networking, new media, citizen journalism or whatever you want to call it in 2008. And I shouldn't have left that out.

But I like the top ten I compiled and don't think any deserve to get bump. So just slide it in where ever you think it's appropriate. Next year, I'll try to jog my memory a little harder. Although I will be another year and about a thousand beers older. So, no guarantees.

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting and participating in this year's top ten. We've got a helluva community. And it's only going to get better.


Anonymous said...

LOVED it... great job..

I just can't believe Shelby in the chickens suit didn't make some kind of honorable mention.. it was cracktastic!

Glad I got a chance to know you a little better this year too.. But I'm sure that won't make the list.

Let's all vow to blog till we puke or something, love ya

Amber Rhea said...

"another year and about a thousand beers older"


Anonymous said...

Ditto. An awesome list Grift...and not just because I made it. (Take that you stupid tornado!)
Quality posts like your 10 go a long way in strengthening Atlanta's new media by consolidating it into an easy to read list for old and new readers alike.

So thanks for that.

Unknown said...

"So just slide it in where ever you think it's appropriate"

Can you still get arrested for that in GA?