Monday, December 29, 2008

My Morning Wooten

It is the time of the year where inspiration for the clever tends to run dry. Some do lists. Some wax poetic. Some just fall back on the same regurgitations.
When fair-minded historians examine the Bush legacy, he’ll be fine. It may not be “pretty soon,” as Rice believes, but the day will come when generations will “thank this president for what he’s done.”
Let's play word association.

Unnecessary war.

Detention of citizens with no due process.

Warrantless wire tapping.


Who do think of first when these terms are tossed about? Don't bother. No doubt, the leftist hippie historians have already filled your wee little brain with false preconceptions.

Pre-emptive historical revision. Now, there's a term for the new century.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Unnecessary war. - Putin, Stalin, Kennedy

Detention of citizens with no due process. Castro, Chavez,

Warrantless wire tapping. Soviet Union, Cuba,

Torture. - North Vietnam, Saddam, Iran,

If a person is educated by something other than bumper stickers and sound bites and understands degree and context, that would be a short list.

How about this word association -

No terrorist attacks on US soil in 7 years.

Freed 20 -30 million people from murderous dictators.

Freed tens of millions of women to vote and pursue education and likely not be beaten to death for getting raped.

Forestalled economic problems for eight years despite inheriting a recession (a real one) and the worst war attacks on US soil in history in the first few months of his administration.