Thursday, December 04, 2008

The War Moves South

With the sudden announcement by Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez that he will not seek re-election, all eyes shift to 2010 in the state of sunshine.

Former Governor Jeb Bush indicates interest in the open seat while the Hamlet of Tallahassee, current Governor Charlie Crist demures. Since Crist won his office by eschewing events with the Florida Family Policy Council and ignoring a nasty whisper campaign about his sexuality, his candidacy in opposition to 43's little brother would land Florida squarely on the front line of the Republican Civil War.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, culture warrior Erick Erickson says of Martinez departure, "good riddance".

Martinez crime? He dared criticize St. Sarah Palin.


Sara said...

I would love to see a Jeb-Charlie matchup. But I think Charlie may want to sit this one out and make a presidential run in 2012.

Jeb is eminently beatable, but there is likely to be a rush from the D congressmen to run for this seat. The person who should get the nod is Robert Wexler, but I suspect he will not see a clear primary field.

MTHEORY said...

"Hamlet of Tallahassee." Heh. That's so good I'm stealing it!

Sara said...

I just read that Wexler ruled out a run, which surprises me. He has been around for awhile and made a pretty good name for himself, so I would think he'd be itching to move up. But perhaps he has already been told that there are others the FL Democratic Party wants to run instead? I dunno.