Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Top Ten Georgia Blog Stories 2008

Tis' the weird season, Bubba.

Erick is simultaneously having a baby and penning intellectually dishonest screeds about religion. His minions at Peach Pundit are trying to rationlize shutting down HBCUs and discussing the latest Communist tactic of trash collection. Their flouride hating grandaddies would be so proud. Meanwhile, the Democrats are playing their favorite post-election game of hate and hair pulling.

Tis' the season indeed.

I'm going to do my best to ignore the politics for the next ten days. Sometimes the swirl of stupid becomes too dark and deep for even the most experienced cave divers.

Instead, it is time for reflection. It's time for the top ten Georgia blog stories of 2008.

Last year, the top ten spanned two entries. This year, I'll do things a bit different. The top ten will be published as individual entries over the next ten days. So let the guessing begin!

I, your humble scribe, will do my best to keep the distractions of idiots away and my eye on the ball.

Continue to #10.


Rusty said...

I'm more popular than Jesus Christ in Cobb County. That should be worth something, right?

decaturguy said...

Cant' wait!

Sara said...

I got a theory about what's gonna be #1...

griftdrift said...

I will admit that I am still juggling the top four. But I doubt in the end it will change from the current.