Monday, January 25, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 1

Here we go. I'm off to a late start, but I am full of "special medicine", guaranteed to cause flames to shoot from my fingertips.

*We've got a fancy new opening. And no Dave! Where is the dulcet tones of Dave? Is he too wrapped in covering the Vienna Pig Jig for Georgia Outdoors? Instead we have veteran Nwandi and Susan Hoffman. Is she the person that does that awful interview show on Sundays?

*This is like going in the way back machine since I'm so behind. Top story is David Ralston being elected Speaker.

* Ralston is all about working together with the Democrats. It's always kisses and hugs before the knives come out.

* Ralston is like a throwback to ol' time pols. He sounds like he's from the 70s.

* Democrat Smyre calls from an end to the hawks. For those not familiar they were sort of super delegates the downfallen letch Glenn Richardson used to swoop into committee meetings and change the outcomes of votes.

* History lesson! It's the Glenn Richardson saga. This is what they in the bidness call "fill".

* Ahhh the glory days. New speaker Richardson. A younger Nwandi. A visibly uncomfortable Mrs. Richardson. Richardson eatin eggs, then spitting on his enemies. I already miss him so.

* Oh Jesus! They are using a single camera to pan across the text of Richardson's statement. I'm gonna hurl!

* The new graphics surrounding the anchors reminds me of the curtains we had back in the 70s. Everything is very retro this year.

* The way they are using company emblems to explain the members of the "budget taskforce" looks like it might have been cribbed from the "sponsers", er forgive me, "underwriters" splash at the end of the show.

* Our first cutaway to Valerie Edwards. She's at Hogwarts of course. And talking about transportation of course.

* There's our familiar shot of the downtown connector full of cars! Thank god it survived the budget cuts!

* The transportation map with all the new bypasses looks like it was drawn by a legistlator's three year-old.

* 40th season of Lawmakers. They're doing flashbacks. How awesome! They are showing clips back when things were in black and white! That legendary time when PBS got ratings because it only competed with three other channels!

* Hey! There was a speaker before Tom Murphy! They have videographic evidence!

* Black and white clips mean we get to see a chamber full of white. But not a lot black. Including the crazy dwarf Lester Maddox.

* Back to today's business and the somber chamber of the Senate.

* Casey introduces his wife. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

* Donzella James finally found an election she can win. New Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's old seat.

* No cut away to the "kids" yet. Did they not survive the budgets cuts? That would make me profoundly sad.

* Boring speeches in the House. But that means lots of shots of the scowling house clerk.

* Ralston says the state house is not a frat house. The poor guy has enough flop sweat to drown a cow. Having to clean up the sty would make me sweat too.

* Oh lord! It's Mo Thrash! He's nuts! Anybody named Mo is a bit of a wild man.

* Gun bill! We're already into the awesome! Rep. Timothy Bearden wants us to be able to tote into the churches, schools and what not. Of course this brings out the Army of Georgia Carry. Lots of button wielding gun nuts in the committee room.

* Can I say for the first time but probably not the last time, Nwandi's hair rocks.

* More about Richardson's resignation. This epic would make Shakespeare tired.

* Ricky Bevington is there from GPB Radio to let us know the blizzard is coming! We know how that turned out. But I'm enjoying our first ever weather report. Can Sports be far behind?

* Ricky is also talking about the shutting down of the state hospital in Milledgeville. Maybe with the Gold Dome full, the hospital is empty.

* They are talking about what's coming up later this week, which means it must be time to wrap up the show. They're off to a fast and clean start. For now, that's a wrap!

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