Friday, January 15, 2010

My Morning Wooten

Math is fun.
The post-partisan president has the country divided 50-50. No end in sight. Gotta tell you. I’m coming to hate politics as exemplified by the deal with U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) to exempt that state forever from the higher taxes imposed by the new health care legislation now being hashed out in Congress. The Georgia Department of Community Health estimates that Georgians would be forced to pay up to $200 million in higher taxes for an expanded Medicaid program starting in 2013 and increasing to $500 million per year over the following six years. We pay for Georgia, plus Nebraska. That’s bound to be unconstitutional.
In 2004, Mississippians received $1.82 in federal funds for every $1.00 they paid in federal income tax. Californians received $0.78 in federal funds for every $1.00 they paid in federal income tax.

Why do righteous Mississippians continue to live off the tax dollars of pagan Californians?

Why do dishonest columnists continue to peddle the myth that Barack Obama invented "vote buying"?



Unknown said...

Ah, Wooten: provider of nice, warm assholes for the gibbering faithful to warm their heads.

Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong Democrat (age 48) and, if what is signed into law looks like the Senate bill, I will NEVER vote Democratic again. I will vote Green Party or do write-ins from that point forward.

What is the point of putting these guys in office if all they do is engage in the same corporate slavishness, the same corruption, as the GOP?