Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 8

Day 8

* End of the week. We'll get recaps. We'll get Tom Crawford. We'll get to make fun of his wardrobe.

* First piece of legislation passed. Senate bill to allow us to use hands free devices in our cars. Yes, it was illegal. Yes, no one knew this. But someone actually got busted for it! It would be fascinating to delve into the history of this nonsense.

* Vincent Fort! He's always fun. He's full of piss and vinegar at my old school - Emory University. He blames them for the closing of the Grady Dialysis Center.

* No more hawks. House passed a resolution to get rid of the super delegates. And the reporters are welcomed back onto the House floor. Much rejoicing among the pen and ink set.

* Shot of the scowling House clerks. Won't somebody get them a Red Bull?

* Minority Leader Porter wants other things looked at but he's generally happy with the new processes.

* Rep. Debbie Buckner wants people to stop picking on Atlanta over our water hogging. She's from Junction City. That's down near Columbus dontcha know. She wants a state-wide watering ban during daylight hours. That ain't going to be popular.

* Valerie from Hogwarts.

* She's reporting on the tax cut plan by Rep. Graves and Sen. Rogers. Strangely it's very similar to the plan outlined by President Obama in the State of Union. The speech that our own Erick Erickson called "an assault on the free market". Isn't it interesting how one makes good economic sense while the other is a communist takeover. That's politics, I suppose.

* Had a little anchor whiplash there. Nwandi and Susan weren't sure who was supposed to be talking.

* Old folks screaming on the Capitol steps. Always entertaining. They don't want Meals of Wheels cut.

* Keocia!

* "Be There For Seniors!" Picadilly's should adopt that for their early bird special.

* Some legislator is droning about job creation. If there wasn't sound coming from his mouth, I'd think he was dead. Someone get him a Red Bull too. It's Senator Golden. drone. water. drone. transportation. drone.

* He wants Hwy 133 four laned from Albany to Valdosta. That would be a tremendous boost for my hometown of Moultrie. Getting to Valdosta is a pain on that winding two laner.

* Tom Crawford time!

* Well he took my advice...sort of. A nice striped shirt and a nice red tie. He's moved up from mortician to local haberdasher.

* Tom chuckles at the media being allowed back on the floor. Tom needs a Red Bull too. Was there a gas leak in Capitol last thursday?

* Resolutions to encourage schools to protect kids from aggressive military recruitment. Stephanie Benefield Stuckey introduces this. Not surprising. She's liberal enough to make Howard Zinn blush.

* Mayor Reed in the House! He's cracking jokes about Ralston's time in the wilderness under Richardson.

* Lawmakers flashback! 1973! A new year! Debate over drivers education. Now, this is sausage making. Speaker Smith again. When are we gonna see a cigar chomping Tom Murphy? The House clerks were scowling even back then.

* The French ambassador visited to present the Legion of Honor to some WWII vets. That's pretty cool.

* Ricky Bevington gets a feature. She's talking to Gene Lambert who was at Omaha Beach. Nice piece.

* Ricky isn't in the studio so we get Prep Sports John Nelson. Unemployment is bad out in the rural areas. It's so bad even Sea Island Company, they own The Cloister, is in debt and laying off. That's really bad.

* Lawmakere will return next week. That's a wrap!

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