Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 4

No Day 3 as it was the State of The State and nobody wants to read a recap of that snoozer.

* Transportation up first. Guv wants to spend 300 million for ten years. Backed by bonds with the debt paid from the general fund. That's not going to be easy to swallow.

* It took him long enough but this actually makes sense. He's saying in essence that he wishes he had done this at the beginning of his term. Too bad he didn't.

* Sonny doesn't look or soundl well. Wonder if he has the flu.

* Ralston time. He appears to be taking the Casey time slot from last year. He is the fresh face. So to speak.

* Valerie is at Hogwarts covering the MLK holiday ceremony. Ralston is getting some "aw yeahs!" during his speech. He's hitting all the right notes. How long will it last?

* They are interviewing members of the Atlanta Boys Choir and it's just precious.

* No texty on the cell phone while driving bill. I predict this will be a hot distraction during this session.

* Rep. Lee Anderson, the bill's sponsor, keeps saying "texing". I love it when old people talk about the new fangled stuff. He also wants to ban talking on cell phones while driving. He was almost run off the road this morning. Must have been traveling down Courtland.

* Labor Commissioner Thurmond, my former boss, asking for bipartisan support to find jobs. Why this man doesn't run for higher office is a mystery.

* Time for Tom Crawford! I wondered if he would be back considering he has let loose at Blog For Democracy. Always amazes me that such a mild man can fling the napalm. Mostly a recap of the Richardson saga and the new Ralston administration. Tom. You need a little flair in your outfit. You're looking a bit like a mortician from a small town.

* Lawmaker flashback! And it's the speaker before Tom Murphy again. This is like watching newsreels from WWII. GPB used to be called ETV. Fun fact: in South Carolina it's still called ETV. Georgia wins again!

* I think Susan is doing whip-its between pieces.

* More Ralston time!

* I suddenly miss wacky Glenn Richardson. Ralston is far too calm. We can only hope he gets a mild infection of gavel madness.

* Whereas Glenn Richardson always looked like "bad, dirty Sunday School teacher", Ralston looks like everyone's favorite deacon.

* Wow. These are some hard hitting questions. Is it fair that in an election year you want Republicans to retain control? Tough. Right down to the bone deep.

* Ralston names former speakers, call's them "giants". There's one name he doesn't mention!

* A new kid! Keocia Jackson! Solid first time report. Good job.

* Sportsman day and we have another new kid! Lara Fawaz. There's animals running loose in the lobby and they aren't the usual suit wearing ones. Better watch the lobbyists though. They might try to sneak a shoe worthy gator out the door.

* Around the state with Ricky Bevington. Russia has banned American chicken exports. I say we retaliate by banning Russian mail order brides.

* Lawmakers will be off for a week, which is why I'm able to get caught up.

* For now, that's a wrap.

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