Friday, January 08, 2010

My Morning Wooten

There is a lot of insanity today, including Jim's favorite piece of surrealism - the damned East Atlanta tunnel, but one item pushes the bound of reality so far, it has to be questioned whether he lives in a world where the sky is yellow and the sun is blue.

Residents of DeKalb and Fulton object to a possible 1-cent sales tax increase in 10 metro Atlanta counties for transportation, including MARTA. They want the 1-cent MARTA sales tax to constitute their share. Fact is, they made the choice to spend a cent for MARTA while other counties spent a cent for roads. Residents in the eight other counties should oppose any proposal that shifts the MARTA burden to those who aren’t served by it. (bold mine)
I DEMAND the Atlanta Journal Constitution send a person, probably an intern but it should be a damn editor, to the Doraville MARTA station to count every car with a Gwinnett license plate.

Once this task is complete, I DEMAND the Public Editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution finally call out this purveyor of perfidy.

"Covers Dixie Like The Dew", my hindquarters. More like "Covers Dixie With Projectiles Thrown From The Rear Of A Colicky Horse".


Wes said...

Not too long ago, I told a friend that the purpose of the Georgia General Assembly seemed to be "protecting fetuses from gays, taxes and public transportation." Apparently that's what Wooten does as well.

Seriously, man. I live down here in Hapeville, and even I can see that the East Atlanta Tunnel is a really stupid idea.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Won't really matter when Handel kicks Oxendine's candyass six ways to Sunday. Unless she reads Wooten columns as gospel too. I seriously doubt Handel could pander into the stupid-ground to THAT level though. Still, weirder things have happened I suppose.

Dave Bearse said...

Why pay for what you get for free?

Over one-half of the $100M+ I-85 HOT lane project in Gwinnett County will be for buses, with nary a penny from Gwinnett County taxpayers. Jim isn't concerned because it's a highway project, even though one-half the funds are used for transit, because the other half will be used to subsidize GOP tollpayers to escape traffic. If the project was in Clayton he'd be writing about it on a monthly basis.

Wes said...

If the project was in Clayton he'd be writing about it on a monthly basis.

Monthly? Jim would expand his column to five days a week just to write more about it. You know, because of the "demographics" of Clayton County.

(who works in Clayton County and enjoys it, thankyouverymuch)