Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mary Margaret Oliver Is An Idiot

Despite the obvious desire for beer and the sunglasses, I don't think I'm too frightening. A little shady perhaps, but frightening? Apparently Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver thinks so.
Have you read the blogs? There’s a negativity and a hate-mongering that’s frightening to me.
It takes a whole heap of stupidity to get me to agree with Peach Pundit's resident clown.


chamblee54 said...

I would like to hear Ms. Oliver's comment in context. I suspect Mr.Galloway has done a bit of artful editing.
The thrust of the story is about assessing attorney's fees to those who make "frivolous" complaints, presumably about ethics. The second line...about blogs...seems to be from a different part of the comment, and got tossed in there for some reason or another. Have bloggers
been making "frivolous" complaints?
As for Mr. Hyperbole at Peach Pundit...bless his heart.
The lower case cl looks a lot like a d. When you say class clown it looks like class down...and both times, the second word of the phrase is appropriate, and the first word a joke.

Tyler said...

An agreement between Peach Pundit's own Pete Randall and griftdrift? We're hashing out who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Rusty said...

Most of what runs on Georgia political blogs is pretty tame compared to what runs on talk radio.

For all the hemming and hawing deservedly pointed his way, even Pistol Pete's posts are not as evocative or packed with bigotry/character attacks as any given 45 seconds of Rush.

So I have to wonder if Mary has read "the blogs" at all, and if so, which ones. Maybe our reading list is different.

Anonymous said...

Tyler beat me to the punch on this, but there is nothing youth and vigor has over age and treachery.

MMO has a point - Any blog comments can be raw, vile, and hateful. The nature of blogs allow for anyone to say virtually anything immediately.

However, the 'shock value' of harsh commentary loses quickly and readers tend to discount or self-police such comments.

In no case should any of these venues be legislated, in any way.
I suspect, even my neighbor in Chamblee can agree with that.

B Balz

griftdrift said...

The problem is the monolithic nature of her comment. As Rusty pointed out, this probably comes from ignorance of how the online community works.

Try substituting any group for "blogs" and re-read that statement. I suggest Republicans and Democrats as substitutes to start then move on.

It's an ignorant statement and Democrats are already trying to be mushy with it. This of course just plays right into the hands of Republicans who always want to say "they only care about speech unless it's one of their own".

Call a batshit statement batshit. Simple as that.

Joeventures said...

Try substituting any group for "blogs" and re-read that statement.

Here we go...

Have you been to an Oliver family reunion? There's a negativity and a hate-mongering that's frightening to me.